Investigations 3: Preservice Partnerships for Colleges and Universities

Inquiry Based Math

Elementary Math Curriculum

Savvas is your partner in developing and understanding of how instruction and learning come alive in core curriculum materials. For information about how you can obtain resources necessary to support future educators in your math methods courses please contact us.


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As a leading developer of math curriculum, we’re honored to support and prepare the next generation of teachers. Click the link below and complete the application to become a partner. You’ll receive samples of our best inquiry-based math curriculum for your teacher education program. Give future educators the opportunity to work with high-quality instructional tools.

What is an inquiry-based curriculum?

An inquiry-based curriculum puts the student at the center of learning. As students investigate real-world math problems and present their ideas, their conceptual understanding deepens. As they discuss their ideas with peers, they become more creative problem solvers. The teacher supports these conversations with guided questions, interpretation, and emphasis.

About our inquiry-based programs

Investigations 3 (© 2017) is a K-5 inquiry-based mathematics curriculum developed by TERC and published by Savvas. TERC is a nonprofit, research and development organization. Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, Investigations 3 is the culmination of over 25 years of research and field-testing.

Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) is an inquiry-based math curriculum for Grades 6-8. It was developed at Michigan State University and funded by the National Science Foundation. Published by Savvas, CMP3 (© 2017) is available in print and now on Savvas Realize™, an award-winning digital platform. The program is supported by nearly 30 years of research and development.



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