New Immersive Program for High School World History Joins Award-Winning, Fully Digital Series

Project Imagine: World History Takes Students on a Virtual Journey, Making the Past Come Alive

AUSTIN, Texas, November 22, 2019 — Today, at the National Council for the Social Studies conference in Austin, Pearson K12 Learning launched Project Imagine: World History, the second in its award-winning, fully digital Project Imagine series that invites students to become time travelers — allowing them to virtually see, hear, and feel history as it happened, and apply it to current events shaping their world.

“Engaging today’s students requires embracing technology to make learning interactive and highly personalized,” said Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Pearson K12 Learning. “That is why we are continuing to make significant investments in digital technologies to create programs like Project Imagine. Our next-generation learning solutions thoughtfully integrate technology into classroom instruction, taking learning to the next level and empowering teachers to help all students succeed.”

Project Imagine: World History takes students on a virtual journey, giving them the opportunity to discover the “liquid gold” of Ancient Greece as they follow an Athenian oil trader, step inside the homes of the working classes during the Industrial Revolution, and navigate through a WWI trench to experience life on the front.

It follows the introduction last year of Project Imagine: U.S. History, a groundbreaking program that pioneered using immersive technology with primary sources such as music, newsreels, and historic broadcasts to deliver a fully digital learning experience that engages students in the story of history, giving them a unique view of the past.

Project Imagine: World History employs the same innovative approach of using immersive-learning experiences and primary sources to activate student’s imaginations, allowing them to take on the roles of everyday people, examine the challenges they faced, and participate in making key decisions. The result is that learners develop a greater understanding of the past while also adopting new perspectives.

“With Project Imagine, students don’t just study history, they experience it firsthand,” said Ros Kane, Pearson K12 Learning’s vice president of product management and marketing for humanities and science. “Its fully immersive activities and compelling primary sources let students literally reach out and be part of history. This modular, digital program is the perfect companion for any teacher’s World History classroom.”

Since its launch, Project Imagine: U.S. History has won numerous awards, such as the “Tech & Learning Best of Show Winner” at the 2019 Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Conference, as well as the 2019 American Business Awards Gold Stevie Winner for Social Sciences or Social Studies Instructional Solution.

John Grice, a history teacher at Pasco High School in Florida, said his students really responded to learning about “great stories in history” through the lens of ordinary people in an interactive, engaging, and challenging way, helping boost their passion for U.S. history and their test scores.

“I cannot say enough good things about Project Imagine,” Grice said, noting he looks forward to now using Project Imagine: World History in his classroom. “Project Imagine takes students back in time to relive firsthand accounts of historical events. This program literally breathes life into history and makes it come alive.”

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