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"How do you find new, relevant inquiry activities to engage your students as they explore phenomena? Experience Chemistry makes it easy. Flinn Scientific, the nation’s #1 leading lab provider, is our EXCLUSIVE PARTNER. That means with Experience Chemistry, you have instant access to the highest-quality labs and supplies. Plus Flinn Scientific has taken all its knowledge and resources to create 4 different versions of every inquiry lab in the program. Think of the time you’ll save trying to plan, organize, and balance different learning needs for inquiry.

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Four Levels for Every Inquiry Lab

Experience Chemistry provides four, ready-to-go Flinn Labs for every inquiry experience. This saves you hours planning and organizing and gives you amazing flexibility. Use a shortened lab when you don't have a full period or challenge students with an advanced lab. Try one with your students!

Students experimenting with Flinn Labs in chemistry classroom.

"I need help finding good, relevant
phenomena to launch inquiry."

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Experience Chemistry Flinn Engineering Design Challenge sample.

Flinn Engineering Design Challenge

Connect science and engineering practices. Exclusive Flinn design challenges let students experience real-world applications of chemistry. Hold a STEM inquiry-based competition in class!

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Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

Incredible 360º immersive simulations let students interact with 3D models and objects, delve inside an atom, and access phenomena in a way never before possible. Download the Flinn VR App from the Apple App Store (ios) or the PlayStore (Android) today!

Experience Chemistry high school chemistry curriculum features immersive virtual reality chemistry experiences.
Experience Chemistry high school chemistry curriculum sample lab video.

Lab Videos

Short videos demonstrate how to safely conduct and analyze the science experiment. Introduce concepts, vocabulary, and procedures in a consistent way to prep students. Summary videos work well for absent students and as test prep.

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Flinn Performance-Based Assessment

Experience Chemistry embeds Flinn Performance-Based Assessments at the end of every Investigation. Next-generation, real-world scientific problems help you measure students’ analytical thinking and decision-making.

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Experience Chemistry embeds Flinn Performance-Based Assessment sample.
High School chemistry students using Experience Chemistry Flinn Lab kits.

Lab Kits

Simplify lab set-up and preparation with pre-made kits aligned to the labs, engineering design challenges and assessments in Experience Chemistry. All lab kits come from Flinn Scientific, the nation’s leading provider of lab equipment.

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