enVision Mathematics Research and Efficacy 

enVision Mathematic’s Instructional Design Works.
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enVision® Mathematics ©2020 is the latest copyright from the enVision series, one that has proven to be highly effective through extensive, independent research with a driven consistent instructional model—Problem-Based Learning, Visual Learning, and Data-Driven Differentiated Instruction—since 2007.

The Core Instructional Model for enVision Mathematics

There has been more research in the past fifteen years showing the effectiveness of problem-based teaching and learning, part of the core instructional approach used in enVision Mathematics, than any other area of teaching and learning mathematics (see e.g., Lester and Charles, 2003). Furthermore, rigor in mathematics curriculum and instruction begins with problem-based teaching and learning.

There are two key steps to the core instructional model in enVision Mathematics.

What is the core instructional model for enVision® Mathematics?



enVisionMATH Students’ Math Performance at Pre and Post-testings: Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT8)

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 enVision Math elementary math curriculum infographic.

enVisionMATH students who participated in both years of the study (2007-2009) showed significant growth over time on both subtests of the MAT8.


enVision Math elementary math curriculum infographic 2.

Students who started at the 1st and 4th grade levels significantly improved following one year and two years of exposure to enVisionmath2.0.


Overall Terranova Math Growth Among enVisionmath2.0 Students

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enVisionmath2.0 meets ESSA’s “Promising” evidence criteria

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enVision Math elementary math curriculum infographic 3.