Features and Benefits

Reach every student with MyMathLab® for School

MyMathLab® for School is the teaching and learning platform that empowers you to reach every student. By combining trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform, MyMathLab for School personalizes the learning experience and improves results for each student.

  • UPDATED - Integrated Review in MyMathLab for School provides embedded and personalized reviewof prerequisite topics within relevant chapters. Premade, editable assignments and resources ensure students are up to speed on necessary topics for each chapter.
    • A Skills Check Quiz by chapter assesses the prerequisite skills students need for that chapter.
    • A Skills Review Homework, again by chapter, is personalized based on the results of the Skills Check Quiz to provide students with help on the prerequisite skills they are lacking. Students receive just the help they need — no more, no less.
    • For students who need to remediate on particular prerequisite objectives, videos and worksheets on Integrated Review topics are included. These resources, now also available as learning aids within the personalized Skills Review Homework, can be used for corequisite support, or for any student who needs additional help.
    • NEW - A chapter called Additional Review in the Assignment Manager includes all the Integrated Review objectives along with additional prerequisite objectives.
  • NEW - Personal Inventory Assessments in MyMathLab for School are a collection of online exercises designed to promote self-reflection and engagement in students. These 33 assessments include topics such as a Stress Management Assessment, Diagnosing Poor Performance and Enhancing Motivation, and Time Management Assessment.
  • NEW - Animations let students interact with the math in a visual, tangible way. These animations allow students to explore and manipulate the mathematical concepts, leading to more durable understanding. They can also be used in the classroom to enhance instruction.
  • NEW - A dozen StatCrunch® activities, referenced in the text, are designed to facilitate active learning and exploration. StatCrunch is a powerful web-based statistical software that can be used to analyze and understand statistical concepts, and is now integrated into this MyMathLab for School course.
  • NEW - DS icons in the text indicate that a data set is available to download online and analyze in statistical software, such as StatCrunch or Excel. StatCrunch allows users to collect, crunch, and communicate with data.
  • NEW - Tech Help for Statistics exercises – For statistics-related exercises in which students might use statistical software to solve, a Tech Help button allows them to get keystroke-by-keystroke instructions for StatCrunch, Excel, and TI Graphing Calculators. The Tech Help button can be suppressed for instructors who don’t want students to use these technologies.
  • A comprehensive video program walks students through the concepts from every section of the text in a modern presentation format. All videos have closed captioning available. Video assessment questions in the Assignment Manager check for student understanding of the video they just watched, making the videos assignable.
  • Learning Catalytics is a “bring your own device” student polling and assessment system, available in MyMathLab for School. Each section of the Annotated Instructor’s Edition features keywords that can be entered into Learning Catalytics to bring instructors directly to questions for use in lecture for that section.
  • Interactive Concept Videos require students’ input and interaction as they walk through a concept. Incorrect answers are followed by a video explanation of the solution, addressing the misconception that may have led to that particular mistake. Corresponding assignable exercises allow instructors to check student understanding.
  • NEW - A Mindset module is available in the course, with growth mindset-focused videos and exercises that encourage students to maintain a positive attitude about learning, value their own ability to grow, and view mistakes as a learning opportunity. 

About the book 

Extensive opportunities to practice and apply the concepts help students learn by doing and get up to speed on prerequisite skills.

  • NEW - Annotations on prerequisites are provided on the first page of each section in the Annotated Instructor Edition. This list of prerequisite skills needed for that section are included in the MyMathLab for School course as the Integrated Review feature, with assessment and remediation available.
  • NEW - Downloadable Data Sets — For problems and examples in which students are expected to analyze data, you’ll see the (Data Set) icon, which indicates the data is available to download in StatCrunch, *.txt and *.csv formats. All of the data sets are housed in MyMathLab for School or at pearsonhighered.com/mathstatsresources.
  • NEW - Animation and StatCrunch icons throughout the narrative of the text encourage students to get hands on with the topics to enrich their understanding of concepts. These new animations and StatCrunch activities can be used for independent exploration, or could be used in class during lectures.
  • Exercise sets begin with fill-in-the-blank Warm Up Exercises. Exercises also include Practice the Skills, Problem Solving, Challenge Problems/Group Activities, Recreational Mathematics, and Research Activities.
  • REVISEDTechnology Tips are updated to go beyond graphing calculators and spreadsheets. Content now includes references to apps on smartphones and tablets to explore various mathematical concepts and solve application problems. 

Seeing the relevance of the material motivates students to learn.

  • The authors emphasize Why This Is Important when presenting math concepts to help students make the connection between their lives and the mathematics they are learning. Why This Is Important notes appear in all chapter and section opener applications, as well as the Mathematics Today
  • UPDATED - Data has been updated to the most current available, and contexts of applications or examples have been updated to be more relevant.
  • Chapter Openers — Interesting and motivational applications introduce each chapter, including the Why This Is Important section, illustrating the real-world nature of the chapter’s topics.
  • Did You Know? — These colorful, engaging, and lively features highlight the connections of mathematics to history, the arts and sciences, technology, and a broad variety of disciplines.
  • Mathematics Today — These features discuss current real-life uses of the mathematical concepts in the chapter. Each box ends with Why This Is Important.
  • Recreational Math — In these features, students are invited to apply the math in puzzles, games, and brain teasers. In addition, Recreational Mathematics problems appear in the exercise sets so they can be assigned as homework.
  • Profiles in Mathematics — Brief historical sketches and vignettes present stories of people who have advanced the discipline of mathematics. In this edition, we included more diversity among the mathematicians included. 

Support for problem solving and exam preparation helps students achieve success in the course.

  • Problem Solving — Beginning in Chapter 1, students are introduced to problem solving and critical thinking. The theme of problem solving is continued throughout the text, including with special problem-solving exercises in the exercise sets.
  • Critical Thinking Skills — In addition to a focus on problem solving, this book also features sections on inductive and deductive reasoning, estimation, and dimensional analysis.
  • Key-Idea Boxes — Important definitions, formulas, and procedures are boxed, making key information easy to identify for students.
  • Timely Tips — These easy-to-identify boxes offer helpful information to make the material under discussion more understandable.
  • Chapter Summaries, Review Exercises, and Chapter Tests — The end-of-chapter summary charts provide an easy study experience by directing students to the location in the text where specific concepts are discussed. Review Exercises and Chapter Tests also help students review material and prepare for exams.

Check out the preface for a complete list of features and what's new in this edition.  

Reach every student with MyMathLab for School

  • Teach your course your way: Your course is unique. So whether you’d like to build your own assignments, teach multiple sections, or set prerequisites, MyMathLab for School gives you the flexibility to easily create your course to fit your needs.
  • Empower each learner: Each student learns at a different pace. Personalized learning pinpoints the precise areas where each student needs practice, giving all students the support they need — when and where they need it — to be successful.
  • Deliver trusted content: You deserve teaching materials that meet your standards for your course. That’s why we partner with highly respected authors to develop interactive content and course-specific resources that you can trust — and that keeps your students engaged.