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Available through August 31, 2021

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Blast off and launch a lifelong love of all things space and science with Janet of Janet's Planet! Hear from astronauts and Mars exploration experts as they share what it’s like to live on the International Space Station! Engage in astronaut challenges, science investigations, and hands-on experiences to test your “astro” skills! Young astronaut candidates will have the opportunity to explore, learn, and get a daily dose of science while boosting their STEM/STEAM abilities. Come travel at the speed of thought during this space powered summer camp!


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National Chemistry Week
October 19-20, 2021

Teachers and students in Grades 3-12 are invited to join us for a two-day virtual fair packed with career speakers and fun STEM activities!

Early registration will be available in September, 2021!


Make It Local. Take It Global.

Visit our website for free STEM support resources to use before, during, or after the on-demand Virtual STEM Fair experience. Design a bridge, build an earthquake safe structure, or create a water purification system. The resources on our Experience STEM site provide an opportunity to look at local issues and take it further to global solutions.


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On-Demand STEM Fair Sessions 

April 22, 2021 10:30 AM EST - April 22, 2021 11:00 AM EST

Shoot for the Moon

Set audacious goals and work towards them! This is what we need to do right now to address biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. This strategy also led to some fun adventures and a rewarding career for Dr. MacIntyre. Share her journey to becoming a scientist, an astronaut candidate, and a science communicator encouraging people of all ages to take climate action.

Follow Dr. Olathe MacIntyre on Facebook-Olathe Jean MacIntyre, Twitter-@OlatheMacIntyre, Instagram-olathemacintyre, and LinkedIn-OlatheMacIntyre,

Speaker: Dr. Olathe MacIntyre

Dr. Olathe MacIntyre was among the final 72 astronaut candidates out of 3772 applicants with the Canadian Space Agency in 2017. Her B.Sc. in biology at Dalhousie University and research at a wastewater-treatment greenhouse led her to study biological life-support systems for space exploration. After working as an onboard marine biologist in Alaska for two years, she completed her M.Sc. in space science at the International Space University in France. She participated in a microgravity flight in France and two analogue Mars missions at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. An internship at the world-class Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility at the University of Guelph led to a Ph.D. in environmental sciences. Her thesis explored the implications of low-pressure conditions for plant-microbe interactions in a Lunar or Martian greenhouse. This was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in water and wastewater treatment in First Nations communities. Dr. MacIntyre is currently a staff scientist with Canada’s second-largest science centre, Science North, where she helps inspire the next generation of scientists through space exploration and taking climate action.


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