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Welcome, educators! Here's where you'll find inspiring ideas and useful resources for your social studies instruction. myWorld Interactive American History is a comprehensive, inquiry-based program that supports your social studies curriculum, Whether you're already using the program or are just looking for additional practice opportunities, we've curated these resources for you.




American History Primary Sources

Students have the opportunity to analyze Primary Sources. They will be asked to cite evidence from the sources as they answer questions. Each Primary Source contains built-in scaffolding and guiding questions, so assignments can be completed in the classroom or at home.



American History Writing Workshop

Each topic in myWorld Interactive includes a Writing Workshop that extends literacy connections. Students practice expository and narrative writing forms that help them better understand the social studies content. Students will research, form an opinion, create a thesis statement, cite examples, and much, much more!


See example workshops from the Teacher Edition:


Writing Workshop Have students complete the Lesson 4 Writing Task in their active Journals. Students will list reliable sources they can use to support or oppose claims regarding government power.

Writing Workshop Have students complete the lesson 5 Writing Task in their Active Journals. Students will write about an event that happens during the journey west. This will be helpful when composing their end-of-topic essay. As students move through the topic, they will revise their work and add details.

Writing Workshop Have students complete the Lesson 2 Writing Task in their Active Journals. Students will list reliable, established research sources that can help them answer their research question.



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