Table of Contents

1. About Science

Part I. Physics

2. Describing Motion

3. Newton’s Laws of Motion

4. Momentum and Energy 

5. Gravity

6. Heat

7. Electricity and Magnetism

8. Waves–Sound and Light


Part II. Chemistry

9. Atoms and the Periodic Table

10. The Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity

11. Investigating Matter

12. Chemical Bonds and Mixtures

13. Chemical Reactions

14. Organic Chemistry


Part III. Biology

15. The Basic Unit of Life–The Cell

16. Genetics

17. The Evolution of Life

18. Diversity of Life on Earth  

19. Human Biology I–Control and Development

20. Human Biology II–Care and Maintenance

21. Ecology


Part IV. Earth Science

22. Plate Tectonics: The Earth System

23. Rocks and Minerals

24. Earth’s Surface–Land and Water

25. Surface Processes

26. Weather and Climate  

27. Environmental Geology 


Part V. Astronomy

27. The Solar System

28. The Universe


APPENDIX A: On Measurement and Unit Conversion 

APPENDIX B: Linear and Rotational Motion 

APPENDIX C: More on Vectors  

APPENDIX D: Exponential Growth and Doubling Time 

APPENDIX E: Physics of Fluids 

APPENDIX F: Chemical Equilibrium