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Ideas and Inspiration for Middle School Social Studies

Welcome, educators! Savvas Learning Company provides these inspiring ideas and useful resources for your social studies instruction. Savvas myWorld Interactive is a comprehensive program that supports your social studies curriculum. Whether you’re already using our programs, or are just looking, we’ve curated these videos made by educators—for you. 

Watch these short, inspirational videos featuring social studies educators and specialists.

Juan Cabrera

Creating an Active Classroom

Juan Cabrera, National Specialist, Humanities; Former Secondary Social Studies Teacher and Department Chair

Worried that an active classroom means more prep time, less content, and even money out of your pocket? Let us show you how Savvas Learning Company’s Active Classroom Strategies are low prep, high value and ready for you to use in every lesson.

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Annie Susan

Making the Curriculum Your Own

Annie Susan, Humanities Curriculum Specialist, Former Elementary School Teacher, Former Middle School Teacher, Former ESOL Educator

Want to personalize your lessons and provide exactly the content and tasks you’d like students to complete? In this session, you’ll learn the value of creating Playlists to customize lessons and differentiate instruction for years to come.

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Geoff Howard

How Can Savvas Learning Company’s Social Studies Programs Support Inquiry?

Geoff Howard, Curriculum Specialist, Former Social Studies Teacher and District Administrator

Looking to integrate more inquiry-based learning in the classroom, but don’t want to spend your entire planning period or weekend developing rubrics, worksheets, or projects to support it? This brief video highlights a few of the ways Savvas Social Studies programs support inquiry and can save you time.

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Spicing Up Assessment

Geoff Howard, Curriculum Specialist, Former Social Studies Teacher and District Administrator

Perhaps your students are bored with traditional tests. Maybe you want to use more formative assessments. Or maybe you just want to provide differentiated options for assessing that get your students excited and engaged. Let’s look at a few ways Savvas Social Studies programs offer your support in these areas.

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Sarah Diczok

Student Voice in myWorld Interactive

Sarah Diczok, Lead Humanities Specialist, Former Teacher and District Administrator

Student voice is a critical part of any classroom, fostering a sense of belonging, and helping students to learn about multiple perspectives. myWorld Interactive offers many opportunities to hear your students!

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Mark Michaels

Personalizing Your Platform: The Create Content Tab

Mark Michaels, Humanities Curriculum Specialist and former Middle Grades Social Studies Teacher

In this session, I present and break down the Create Content Tab on the Savvas Realize™ digital platform. The Create Content Tab gives teachers the opportunity to upload files, add links, and rearrange content directly within the platform.

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