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Mastering® Geography from Pearson


Mastering® Geography with Pearson eText changes how students learn and teachers teach. This next-generation, one-source learning and assessment system is organized to content.

  • GeoSpatial Analysis features in the chapters connect students to the new MapMaster 2.0 software in Mastering, allowing students to build and analyze map data for activity-based learning inspired by GIS.Place-based learning Each chapter photo in the Pearson eText is linked to live Google Maps™, allowing students to immediately access interactive maps of locations featured in the book and browse community-contributed photos of places around the world.
  • What’s Your Geography? feature provides students with brief tasks that have them reflect on the application of core human geography concepts to their own lives, experiences, environments, behaviors, and histories.
  • Research & Analyze activities send students outside of the book to original source data and science tools to perform discrete research and data analysis tasks related to chapter topics.
  • Review, Analyze, & Apply format for the end of chapter review provides students with robust tools for review and assessment, including media-rich MapMaster and GeoVideo activities.
  • Personalized coaching and feedback In-depth, self-paced coaching items provide individual coaching, hints, and feedback and are customized to address each student’s misconceptions.
  • Meeting students where and when they learn Meaningful, memorable learning experiences in an environment ubiquitous to today’s students. Online and available anytime—in class, at home, and on the go.
  • Bringing geography to life Enhance students’ learning experience through the amazing media of Mastering—from videos, GISinspired interactive maps, Google Earth™ Explorations, and coaching activities on the most challenging topics in human geography, to a fully interactive eText.
  • Demonstrate learning and assessment outcomes with a single click, generate charts that summarize the most difficult problems, individual student performance, and grade distribution.