myWorld Interactive World Geography FAQs (formerly Pearson myWorld Interactive World Geography)

World Geography Curriculum

What is myWorld Interactive World Geography for middle school and what are the components?

myWorld Interactive World Geography emphasizes project-based learning to explore the world’s places, systems, and cultures. The program is available as World Geography Survey, or Eastern and Western Hemisphere editions. Each includes strong ELA/literacy connections and multiple teaching options. Lessons promote critical thinking, problem solving, evidence-based reasoning, and communications skills. myWorld Interactive is the student-centered world geography curriculum that helps you implement your state’s standards and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies.

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The program is made up of the following program components:

  • Teacher Guide: Print Teacher Edition with full lesson support and integrated ELD Support.
  • Active Journal Answer Key: Answer key for the student Active Journal.
  • Online Teacher Resources: Digital course with Interactivities and links to the eText for narrative content. Includes Teacher Resources and blackline masters for additional support with EL strategies, close reading, and skills instruction.
  • Student Edition Hardcover Text: Includes all core content lessons, analysis skill lessons, numerous primary sources, and an English
  • Language Arts Handbook. Student Active Journal: Student consumable notebook, including support for completing the Quest, close reading and note taking support, vocabulary practice, and writing workshop.
  • Student Online Digital Course: Full Digital Course for each grade with Interactivities and links to the Student eText for narrative content.

What type of Reading Support is in myWorld Interactive World Geography?

  • Academic and Content Vocabulary are defined in context to help students develop meaning while they read.
  • Get Ready to Read infuses pre-reading strategies, guiding questions, and vocabulary support connected to the Active Journal to support student comprehension.
  • The Reading Check focuses on student comprehension, including the ability to read and understand visuals.
  • Text and image Primary Sources are embedded throughout the lesson to give voice to both the famous and ordinary people of history.
  • The Lesson Check monitors student mastery of reading skills and Social Studies content.
  • Practice Vocabulary is included with every lesson in the Active Journal. A great support for English Learners!
  • The Writing Workshop extends literary connections. Students practice expository and narrative writing forms related to the content.

What type of teaching ideas, strategies and inspiration are in myWorld Interactive World Geography?

  • Active Classroom Strategies
  • Chapter Assessments
  • Chapter at a Glance
  • Citizenship Lessons
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Complete Lesson Plans
  • Critical Thinking & Writing Strategies
  • Curriculum Connections: Literacy, Geography, Math, and Science
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Integrated ELD Strategies
  • Literacy Skills Lessons
  • Pacing Guides
  • Primary Source Lessons
  • Review Strategies
  • Visual Review Strategies
  • Vocabulary Strategies
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Writing Activities

How do I sign up for a myWorld Interactive World Geography digital demo?

myWorld Interactive World Geography digital courseware on Savvas Realize™ includes robust digital tools that give teachers flexibility to use a digital, print, or blended format in their classrooms. Teachers can customize the program to rearrange content, upload their own content, add links to online media, and edit resources and assessments. Program-specific resources, flexible agnostic resources, and assessments are available in one location for easy lesson planning and presentation. Click here to sign up for a 30 day online demo.

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