Table of Contents

Part I: It’s All Fun and Games

Chapter 1. Getting Started

Chapter 2. Mad Libs

Chapter 3. Roll the Dice

Chapter 4. Calculate the Day

Chapter 5. Rock Paper Scissors

Chapter 6. Secret Codes

Chapter 7. Guess the Number

Chapter 8. Becoming a Coder

Chapter 9. Hangman

Chapter 10. Keep Going

Part II: On An Adventure

Chapter 11. Getting Func-ky

Chapter 12. Exploring

Chapter 13. Cleanup Time

Chapter 14. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refactor

Chapter 15. Carrying (and Using) Stuff

Chapter 16. Keeping It Classy

Chapter 17. Color Your World

Chapter 18. Keep Going

Part III: Racing Around

Chapter 19. Crazy Driver

Chapter 20. Image-ine the Possibilities

Chapter 21. We Like to Move It

Chapter 22. Crash, Bang, Boom

Chapter 23. Finishing Touches

Chapter 24. Keep Going

What Next?

There’s a Lot More to Python

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Game Development

And Then…

Code Snippets