MyMathLab for School (MyLab Math) FAQs

Personalized Math Learning for High School Students

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What is MyMathLab for School?

MyMathLab® for School is a series of online courses that align to Pearson’s textbooks in mathematics and statistics. This powerful online program offers students with personalized instruction and practice and teachers with all the tools they need to deliver all or a portion of their course online.

MyMathLab for School features include:

  • Interactive eText, including highlighting and notetaking tools, and links to videos and exercises.
  • Rich and flexible course management, communication, and teacher support tools.
  • Online homework and assessment, and personalized study plans.
  • Complete multimedia library to enhance learning.

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What is the difference between MyMathLab for School and MathXL for School?

MyMathLab for School is typically used in conjunction with a secondary math course from Pearson, where MathXL for School has the option to use as a supplement to a non-Pearson/Savvas course. MyMathLab also provides students with access to an etext. MyMathLab for School provides all of the same features and benefits as MathXL for School, with a significant number of additional resources. 

For a more comprehensive description of the difference, view our product family comparison page. 


Is MyMathLab for School a supplement, or full course offering?

MyMathLab for School contains all the resources to be a comprehensive program. You can teach your course entirely using the material within the platform. 


Is MyMathLab for School for use in the classroom, remote learning, or individual learning?

With MyMathLab for School, educators can choose a course that meets their curriculum goals and customize it to meet their students’ needs. This program can be used in any environment where Internet access is available:

  • Traditional classrooms
  • 1:1 digital classrooms
  • Intervention classes
  • Distance learning
  • Summer school courses
  • Independent learning

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Does MyMathLab for School only work with Pearson textbooks / do I have to have a Pearson textbook to use MyMathLab for School?

The MyMathLab for School platform is home to hundreds of secondary math courses. These courses are built alongside our Pearson programs/textbooks, not for use with other non-Pearson texts. However, because the platform contains the etext, you do not have to have the print textbook to make use of MyMathLab for School. 


What courses can I use MyMathLab for School with?

Whether you are using MyMathLab for School alongside your favorite Pearson textbook, or as a completely digital classroom solution, we’ve got a course for you!

MyMathLab for School has over 500 courses available in the following subject areas:

  • Prealgebra
  • Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
  • College Algebra / Algebra 3
  • Precalculus
  • AP Calculus
  • Introductory Statistics
  • AP Statistics
  • Discrete Math
  • Topics-Based Math / Liberal Arts Math
  • Finite Math


How does MyMathLab for School support students in Foundational Skills?

Do you often have students come into your course without having mastered certain prerequisite skills? With MyMathLab for School, your course is aligned to a particular textbook, but you can also pull in material from any course in our MyMathLab book bag, including material down to middle school math. 


Can MyMathLab for School integrate with my LMS?

MyMathLab for School can integrate with some LMS’s. To learn more about these option, visit our LMS Integration Services page. 


How can ESSER funding be used to support students in MyMathLab for School?

ESSER is the federal COVID-19 relief aid for K12 schools. All Savvas programs can be funded via ESSER. 


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