Investigations 3 FAQs 

Inquiry Based Math for Grades K-5 

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What is Investigations 3, and how is it different from the 2nd edition?

Investigations 3 is the K-5 inquiry-based approach to teaching mathematics. Investigations 3rd Edition content is based on Investigations 2nd Edition, along with content changes needed to fully address state and Common Core State Standards. Sessions from the Investigations and the Common Core Standards supplement have been integrated fully into the Curriculum Units. The ideas from many of these sessions have been expanded upon, and other sessions have been deleted or merged to streamline the curriculum and to reduce the overall number of sessions.

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Where can teachers find the answers to the Student Activity Book pages?

The Student Activity Book pages with annotations are minis in the Curriculum Unit. The answers can also be found as full page PDFs on


What is available for teachers?

  • Grade K-5 teachers have 8 Curriculum Units that are teaching guides for the program.
  • The online Curriculum Unit etext for teachers is easy and efficient for planning purposes.
  • Session Presentation Activities are teacher presentations and tools found on Savvas Realize.
  • The Assessment Sourcebook includes quizzes and assessment tools and found on Savvas Realize.
  • Investigations and the Common Core Content Guide contains a scope and sequence and correlations to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Spanish Companion provides the necessary academic language for instruction that is interactive, hands-on, collaborative, and meaningful for students. This resource contains the Classroom Teacher (Modeling) Script from the Curriculum Unit, available in both print and digital formats.


What is available for students?

  • The Student Activity Book for Grades K-5, containing pages for student work.
  • Math Words and Ideas is an online resource for reviewing concepts learned in class.
  • Virtual Math Tools to help students with problem solving, found on Savvas Realize.
  • Online math games.


Does Investigations 3 offer math resources in Spanish?

Investigaciones 3 is a perfect companion program for teaching mathematics in your bilingual classroom. A full array of student math resources in Spanish supports bilingual learners. The Spanish Companion for teachers presents vocabulary, sample dialogues, and instructions in Spanish.

  • Cuaderno de actividades (Student Activity Book)
  • Spanish Companion (Print and Digital)
  • Cuaderno de evaluacion (Assessment Sourcebook)
  • ExamView


What Spanish assets are found on Savvas Realize?

  • Cuaderno de activadades (Student Activity Book)
  • Juagos (games)
  • Términos matemáticos e ideas (Math Words and Ideas) 
  • Evaluaciones (Assessments)