Adobe Web Design: Table of Contents

Learn Web Design

Learn Adobe Photoshop®

  1. Meet Photoshop CC
  2. Fast Photo Fixes
  3. Restoring and Colorizing Damaged Photos
  4. Event Flyer
  5. Myths and Monsters
  6. Digital Decorating
  7. Publishing Awesome
  8. Working with Insiders
  9. Leveling Up with Design
  10. Working with Outsiders

Learn Adobe Dreamweaver®

  1. Welcome to the World Wide Web
  2. Dreamweaver CC 2018 Essentials
  3. Building Your First Website
  4. Getting the Big Picture
  5. Working with Web Page Content
  6. Moving from Prototype to Production
  7. Think Mobile First with Responsive Design
  8. Leveling Up with Design
  9. Working with Outsiders

Learn Adobe Premiere® 

  1. Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  2. Editing an Interview
  3. Editing an Action Scene
  4. Compositing with Green Screen Effects
  5. Creating a Video Slide Show
  6. Working in the Video Industry
  7. Wrapping It Up!

Learn Adobe Animate® 

  1. Welcome!
  2. Design a Vector Animation
  3. Construct an Animated Image
  4. Compose an Animated HTML5 Greeting
  5. Generate a Promotional Video
  6. Build a Poem Generator
  7. Tick-Tock…Build a Virtual Clock
  8. Develop a Mobile Quiz App
  9. Wrapping It Up!
  10. Leveling Up with Design (online)
  11. Working with Outsiders (online)

Skills for Success

  1. Careers in Graphic and Web Design
  2. Career-Ready Practices
  3. Skills for Professional Success
  4. Exploring the History of Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications 

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