The SIOP® Model Authors

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Our three founding SIOP® authors have decades of teaching, professional development, and research experience. They are the world’s premier experts on Sheltered Instruction for English Learners.

Savvas Learning Company is proud to be the sole organization collaborating with the SIOP® authors to create SIOP® professional learning for educators and administrators. Our exclusive collaboration ensures that our SIOP® workshops are true to the SIOP® Model, and reflects the most up-to-date research surrounding language acquisition, current demographics, trends in education, and best practices for teaching English Language Learners.

Jana Echevarría, Ph.D.


FOUNDING SIOP® CO-AUTHOR, Professor Emerita at California State University, Long Beach—where she received the university’s “Outstanding Professor” award; Ph.D., UCLA.

Dr. Echevarría writes widely on effective instruction for EL, including ELs with learning disabilities. She also serves as an EL expert for the U.S. Department of Justice, and is a member of the California Reading Hall of Fame. She has presented her research across the U.S., and around the world , including South East Europe University in Macedonia as a Fulbright Specialist.


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 “People often say, ‘Well, SIOP® is just good teaching, so I can use it for all my students.’ And that is true. We have many schools that use the SIOP® Model for all students. But there are features that are absolutely critical for English learners. It’s the only empirically validated model of instruction for English learners.” 
Dr. Jana Echevarría


Deborah J. Short, Ph.D.


FOUNDING SIOP® CO-AUTHORDirector of Academic Language Research & Training, LLC; Ph.D., George Mason University.

Dr. Short provides professional development on academic literacy, content­-based ESL, and sheltered instruction worldwide. Prior to these experiences, Dr. Short served as a division director at the Center for Applied Linguistics, and directed EL research and program evaluations for the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Rockefeller Foundation, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Justice, and Southern Poverty Law Center, among others.

In addition, Dr. Short has presented at conferences in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and New Zealand, and has taught ESL and EFL in New York, California, Virginia, and the DR Congo. Currently, Dr. Short is TESOL's President-Elect for 2019-­2020.


Dr. Short’s publications include SIOP® Model books, ESL textbooks for National Geographic Learning/Cengage, and numerous professional journal articles.


“A number of schools are using SIOP® as a school improvement model. They provide SIOP® Professional Development to all of their teachers. They recognize that even though SIOP® initially began with English language learners, it is also effective with all students, particularly those struggling with academic language and literacy.” 
~ Dr. Deborah J. Short


MaryEllen Vogt, Ed.D.


FOUNDING SIOP® CO-AUTHOR; Professor Emerita, California State University, Long Beach; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Vogt is a noted author and co-author of many books, articles, and chapters including literacy texts and SIOP® series texts. 

She is a recipient of California State University Long Beach’s Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, a member of California’s Reading Hall of Fame, and a recent inductee into the International Reading Hall of Fame. 

Dr. Vogt co-directed the CSU Center for the Advancement of Reading, and worked with faculty from 23 campuses to improve rigor in literacy courses while at California State University, Long Beach. She has also provided professional development across the U. S. and around the world—spanning nine countries including a Visiting Scholar Residency at the University of Cologne, Germany where she taught a SIOP® course and is a member of the California Reading Hall of Fame.

In addition, Dr. Vogt has served as president of the California Reading Association and International Literacy Association.


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“Once teachers learn how to implement the SIOP® Model well in their classrooms, we find that they are so enthusiastic about teaching because they have fewer students who are having difficulty. We have also found that the incidences of disciplinary problems and classroom management issues are greatly relieved because the students are so highly engaged throughout their lessons!”
~ Dr. MaryEllen Vogt