Developing Balanced Assessment Systems: Regional Institute

This institute takes local school district leadership teams though an analysis of the conditions needed for designing balanced, high-quality assessment systems. The presenters will share a vision of excellence in assessment that centers on three big ideas: the meaning and importance of balanced assessment, quality assessment and assessment for learning. They will then map a route in the form of seven assessment actions local leaders can take to make this vision a reality.


Participants will conduct a self-evaluation for their school/district in which they determine the extent to which they have taken or still need to take these seven essential actions:

  • Balance their local assessment systems
  • Continue the process of refining their academic achievement standards
  • Assure the quality of assessments throughout their local system
  • Turn the learners into the assessors during their learning
  • Provide students with continuous access to descriptive feedback during learning
  • Motivate students by relying on success at learning versus intimidation
  • Promote assessment literacy at all levels throughout the system


All registered participants receive a free copy of the new third edition of Savvas ATI's book Assessment Balance and Quality: An Action Guide for School Leaders by Steve Chappuis, Carol Commodore and Rick Stiggins. This book includes a DVD and a CD-ROM containing activities that facilitate individual or group learning by extending the ideas presented in the book and in this two-day presentation.


School and District Leaders


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Developing Balanced Assessment Systems: Regional Institute