Canta, Deletrea, Lee y Escribe

Developed for Spanish-speaking Pre-K, K, and 1st grade students, Canta, deletrea, lee y escribe uses music to provide correlated instruction in reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, phonics, and oral language development. Every student will enjoy participating in the highly-interactive songs, games, and reading and writing activities. Combining irresistible sing-along songs and games with storybooks and student books, this all-inclusive program can help you build a strong foundation for literacy learning.

Level Pre-K Includes: Teacher Manual, Readiness Songs CD, A-Z Phonics Song Cards, Manuscript Wall Cards, Student Placemats, Activity Sheets, Games, Puzzles, Desk Strips, Clock and Shoe Manipulatives, and Award Stickers.

Level K-1 Includes: Teacher Manual, Phonics Songs CD, A-Z Phonics Song Cards, Manuscript Wall Cards, Vowel Cards, Ferris Wheel and Tickets, Arranquen los motores and La Bandera de Cuadros Student Workbooks, 5 Storybooks (6-Packs), Games, Desk Strips, Dry Erase Markers and Erasers, and Treasure Chest.


Program Components

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