Features and Benefits

For algebra-based introductory statistics courses


  • Balanced Approach: the text strikes a balance between computation, decision making, and conceptual understanding (as endorsed by the GAISE recommendations).
  • Updated Chapter Openers, case studies, examples, and exercises focus on interpretation and include more varied applications. 
  • New! Exercises and examples from StatCrunch® - powerful statistical software to help students develop data analysis skills. 
  • Over 1800 exercises build basic skills and vocabulary, and develop critical thinking skills and conceptual understanding. 
  • More than 750 graphical displays to help students “picture” the story told by the data.
  • Hands-on activities in each chapter employ applets to help simulate statistical concepts.
  • Chapter-specific Technology Projects use tools from MINITAB, Excel and the TI-83/84 to help students handle large data sets or complex, real-life questions.
  • Step-by-step examples conclude with an “interpretation” step and are paired with a “Try It Yourself” problem to provide immediate practice and reinforcement.
  • MathXL® for School, the powerful online homework, assessment, and tutorial program is aligned to Elementary Statistics at the objective, section, and chapter level. This program is available to purchase.