For optional use of a graphing calculator

  • Exceptionally clear and accessible presentation.
  • Voice balloons allow for more specific annotations in examples.
  • Step-by-step solutions are provided for all examples.
  • Chapter Test Prep Video CD packaged with the text.

Bob Blitzer’s unique background in mathematics and behavioral sciences, along with his commitment to teaching, inspired him to develop a precalculus series that gets students engaged and keeps them engaged. Presenting the full scope of the mathematics is just the first step. Blitzer draws students in with vivid applications that use math to solve real-life problems. These applications help answer the question “When will I ever use this?” Students stay engaged because the book helps them remain focused as they study. The three-step learning system–See It, Hear It, Try It–makes examples easy to follow, while frequent annotations offer the support and guidance of a teacher’s voice. Every page is interesting and relevant, ensuring that students will actually use their textbook to achieve success!


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