Savvas Product Safety

We are committed to the safety of our children’s products. Based on assurances and test results provided by the manufacturers and importers of our products and our own sample testing, we are confident that our children’s products are in compliance with applicable product safety laws, including the Consumer Product Safety Act as amended (“CPSA”), for lead paint, lead content, phthalates, choking hazard warning labels required for toys and games that include small parts, small balls and marbles and for latex balloons.

NOTE to Distributors, Resellers and Depositories:
If you have any further questions about our CPSIA safety certifications or wish to report a safety problem for a product, email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify a children’s product?
Children’s product is defined as a consumer product designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age or younger, based on the statements made about the intended use of a product on labels and instructions, or in promotion or advertising, grade level of the product and similar indicators.

What grade levels would apply to products for children 12 and under?
Grade PreK – Grade 7

How do I obtain a copy of a Certificate for each of the children’s products listed on my order?
To obtain a copy of a certificate, email your company name, the product(s) by ISBN, purchase order number and the invoice number to and if a certificate is required and available for a product, it will be emailed to you.

What Certificates would be available for the children’s products on my order?
Currently, the CPSA requires US manufacturers and US importers to certify that (a) children’s product manufactured after November 11, 2008 comply with the lead paint standard (b) children’s product manufactured after February 15, 2009 comply with the small parts ban and (c) children’s non-book products manufactured on or after December 31, 2011 comply with the lead content, phthalates and the ASTM-F963 standards, to the extent applicable.

May I obtain a Certificate for a children’s book?
If a children’s book manufactured after November 11, 2008 contains paint or other surface coatings other than printing ink, you may obtain a Certificate regarding that paint or surface coating. No certificate is required for an ordinary children’s book, defined by H.R. 2715 as a book printed on paper or cardboard, printed with inks or toners, and bound and finished using a conventional method, and that is intended to be read or has educational value.

What other products on my order would not require a certificate?
No certificate is required for any products (including children’s products) manufactured on or before November 11, 2008. No certificate is required for children’s non-book products manufactured before December 31, 2011 for the lead content, phthalates and the ASTM-F963 standards. In addition, no certificate is required for any Teacher Editions, Teacher Supplementary materials or any equipment or materials used by the teacher that is not designed primarily for children 12 or younger.