How to Foster Wonder, Beauty, and Joy in the Math Classroom


Why don’t more students associate feelings of joy, wonder, and beauty with mathematics study? What can we, as educators, do to better cultivate these emotional experiences? I was glad to have the opportunity to share a few essential tips and tricks on the Fresh Ideas for Teaching podcast to help educators spark more joy in the math classroom. Have a listen below!


Podcast Guests:

Eric Dr. Eric Milou is a professor of mathematics at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Dr. Milou has taught at Rowan for the past 21 years and served six terms as the President of the Rowan University Senate from 2007 to 2013. He previously served as President as the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey, the program chairperson of the 2007 NCTM annual meeting and has extensive speaking experience on standards based reform in mathematics. He is one of the authors of enVision Mathematics 6-8 and enVision A|G|A and was the recipient of the Max Sobel Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award in 2009. Dr. Milou earned his doctorate from Temple University in Mathematics Education, a Masters in Mathematics from West Chester University (PA), and a BA in Mathematics from Franklin & Marshall College (PA).


Hanna McArdle is the Product Marketing Manager for enVision Mathematics at Savvas Learning Company having managed every grade level of enVision from K through Algebra 2 over the years. She has been in educational publishing for 18 years. She takes great pride in being a part of a fantastic math program that helps students find the joy, wonder, and beauty in math!

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Eric Milou

Math Author, Professor of Mathematics at Rowan University