Adobe Animate® Classroom in a Book (2023 Release)

Adobe Animate® Classroom in a Book, published by Pearson, gives students the opportunity to explore the vast creative possibilities of this powerful graphics application. Students learn to create sophisticated animations and interactive applications that can be published to a variety of platforms.

  • Create sophisticated animations
  • Learn an industry-standard software
  • Official training series for Adobe graphics
  • Self-paced learning
  • Adobe Certified Professional exam prep
  • Newly updated for 2023

Adobe Animate CTE Program

Adobe Animate Classroom in a Book provides students both structure and flexibility in learning powerful graphics software.


Practical Knowledge

Lessons focus on skills and workflows commonly used in the industry. The program allows for the creation and integration of video, sound, graphics, and animation on web and other digital platforms.


Trusted Content

Adobe Animate Classroom in a Book was developed with the support of Adobe® product experts. With their feedback and insights, our new edition covers the latest software version.


Students Pace Themselves

We recognize that every student learns differently. That’s why we designed our course to allow everyone to spend the time they need to develop a deep understanding of Adobe Animate and its workings.


Realizing Students’ Imaginations

We use our lessons as a starting point to help students follow their own ideas and encourage them to develop new and exciting solutions.

Adobe Animate Classroom in a Book CTE Teaching Solutions

  • Program Updates
  • Insightful Lessons
  • Tips and Techniques

Program Updates

  • Assets Panel
    Students learn to use the new Assets panel so they can organize, save, and share graphics and animation assets.
  • Environment Optimization
    Take advantage of the flexible options for customizing the timeline to optimize your work environment.
  • Rig Mapping
    A new process of rig mapping easily applies poses and animations from the Bone tool to different graphics.
  • Animation Support
    Animation support is now available for warped bitmaps and objects.
  • Productivity Shortcuts
    New productivity shortcuts convert layers to symbols and to copy. They also copy and paste tween settings for shape and classic tweens.
  • Quick Share Features
    Quick share features allow animations to be exported to YouTube, Twitter, video, HTML5, or as animated GIFs.

Insightful Lessons

  • Graphic and Text Creation
    Students learn the basics of Graphic and Text Creation before moving on to animating their designs.
  • Animation Basics
    Animation lessons cover key frames and working with tweens for smooth movement.
  • Character Movement
    Puppet Warping and Inverse Kinematics teach students how to build “skeletons” for applying motions to characters they have created.
  • Creating Three-Dimensionality
    Animating Cameras and Shapes create the illusion of three-dimensional space in a 2D medium.
  • Web Design
    Creating Interactive Navigations prepares students interested in web design for some of their first assignments.

Tips and Techniques

  • Expert Knowledge
    Industry experts placed their insights throughout the book to help students leverage the newest version of Adobe Animate and realize a creative vision.

Interactive eText Overview


Tour the engaging features of the Bookshelf by VitalSource® Student eText.

Interactive eText for your Adobe Animate Program

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The Bookshelf by VitalSource® eText platform features include search and navigation, bookmarking, note taking, creating personalized study tools and more. Students can access content anytime, anywhere, including 100% offline access.

Instructor Notes

The downloadable Instructor Notes include support for each lesson with teaching guidance and additional questions to check for understanding.

Download Teacher Resources

Frequently asked questions about Adobe Animate Classroom in a Book

  • What subjects are covered in the table of contents?

    Getting Started

    • Getting Acquainted
    • Creating Graphics and Text
    • Animating Symbols with Classic Tweens
    • Layer Parenting and Character Animation
    • Animating with Modern Rigging
    • Animating Symbols with Motion Tweens
    • Animating the Camera
    • Animating Shapes and Using Masks
    • Inverse Kinematics with Bones
    • Creating Interactive Navigation


  • What grade levels is this text appropriate for?
    Grades 9-12
  • What types of courses is this text best suited for?
    This program is designed for introductory arts and design courses.
  • Does the course align to any industry certifications?

    This program prepares students for the Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) certification exam.

  • What are the digital license options?

    The Student Edition can be purchased with 1 year access to the eText.

  • What Student Resources are available?
    Available Student Resources include the print Student Edition and access to the eText on the Bookshelf by VitalSource® platform.
  • What Teacher Resources are available?
    The downloadable Instructor Notes are available to support instructors with each lesson.

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