SuccessMaker® Adaptive Personalized Learning for Reading and Math for K-8

SuccessMaker® is an adaptive learning system that provides all students with a personalized learning experience that adjusts in real time to their specific individual learning needs.

  • Perfect for differentiation, accelerated learning, and intervention
  • Proven effective for all students by independent research
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Why choose SuccessMaker?

  • RTI and MTSS
  • CASE-Certified
  • Real-Time Data
  • Multilingual Learners
  • Proven Effective

Adapts for All RtI and MTSS Tiers

SuccessMaker is ideal for Response to Intervention and Multi-Tiered System of Supports models. The program (1) provides appropriate differentiation for students performing on grade level, (2) intervenes at just-right intensity for students who are not yet at grade level, and (3) challenges high achievers and gifted students.

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CASE-Certified for Special Education

The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) has endorsed SuccessMaker Reading and SuccessMaker Math for special education in Grades K-8.


Real-Time Student Performance Data

With SuccessMaker, district and school leaders and teachers always have an up-to-the-minute view of student performance on skills and state standards at any point in the school year, without needing to wait for a test to see growth.


Support Multilingual Learners with 60+ Translations

SuccessMaker supports multilingual learners with translations in 60+ languages. In addition, audio support is available in Spanish for Spanish-speaking students, who also have access to an English/Spanish glossary. Teachers can use the Spanish Student Performance Report to communicate with families and caregivers in Spanish.


Proven Effective for All Students by Independent Research

SuccessMaker has met both ESSA Level 1 and 2 evidence standards by demonstrating statistically significant and positive effects on student outcomes! In fact, recent research shows that students using SuccessMaker Reading and SuccessMaker Math have statistically significant greater math and reading performance over control students who were not using SuccessMaker.


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  • SuccessMaker Reading
  • SuccessMaker Math
  • Foundations: HS Math

SuccessMaker Reading for Grades K-8

Designed to supplement core ELA instruction, SuccessMaker® Reading provides online, continuously adaptive reading instruction for all K-8 students. SuccessMaker Reading is aligned to the Science of Reading and provides an adaptive learning experience with explicit instruction, guided practice, and independent practice in phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

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SuccessMaker Math for Grades K-8

Designed to supplement core math instruction, SuccessMaker® Math provides online, continuously adaptive math instruction for all K-8 students. SuccessMaker Math is aligned to NCTM’s strands: Number Sense and Operations; Patterns, Algebra, & Functions; Geometry; Measurement Data Analysis & Probability.

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SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math

SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math is an adaptive personalized intervention program. The supplemental program helps students master the prerequisite skills necessary for success in classes like Algebra 1, Geometry, or Integrated Mathematics I. SuccessMaker: Foundations of High School Math provides comprehensive coverage of K-8 state mathematics standards and select high school content chosen for its coherence to middle grades standards.

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Adaptive Personalized Learning with SuccessMaker

  • What is personalized learning?
    Personalize learning to customize the learning experience for each student. Strategies include setting individualized goals for each student, tailoring instruction and practice based on a student’s current skill level, and providing scaffolds based on a student’s specific needs.
  • How does SuccessMaker personalize learning?

    SuccessMaker makes it easy to personalize learning for all students! Here are just a few examples of how SuccessMaker personalizes learning:

    Educators can automatically set a target individualized growth goal for each student, and adjust the amount of time each student spends in the program to achieve their target learning goal.

    Students are placed into the program at their just-right starting point, and the program’s adaptive engine takes over from there, adjusting what a student sees next based on each and every response (see adaptive learning, below).

    Students receive immediate instructional scaffolding when working through SuccessMaker lessons. Supportive instructional feedback is provided on both correct and incorrect answers to guide student learning.

    Embedded supports are available for multilingual learners, such as first-language support via translations in 60+ languages, “Read to Me” audio, and a Spanish/English glossary.

  • What is adaptive learning?

    Adaptive learning is an approach where instruction and practice tasks are tailored based on a student’s prior responses. Adaptive learning is one form of personalized learning.

  • How does SuccessMaker deliver adaptive learning?

    SuccessMaker has an adaptive engine that adjusts what a student sees next based on each and every response, providing truly adaptive learning tailored to each learner’s unique needs.

    SuccessMaker’s Initial Placement (which is used to place students into their individual just-right starting point in their zone of proximal development) is adaptive to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners.

  • How can I learn more about SuccessMaker?
    We would be happy to answer any questions you have about SuccessMaker! Simply fill out the form on this page, and a Savvas expert will be in touch shortly.

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