Une fois pour toutes – Advanced French Grammar

Une fois pour toutes provides 12 immersive, intermediate- and advanced-level French lessons. High school students can use it to prepare for the AP® French Language and Culture exam. The program can also serve as an engaging entry point for college students studying French.

  • Includes charts and explanations
  • Abundant practice grammar
  • Pre- and post-lesson testing
  • Robust digital courseware

Advanced French Program with Digital Resources

Provide students with fun and engaging practice so they can master higher-level French grammar concepts through this review text.


Emphasis on Using French

Une fois pour toutes is written entirely in French and includes up-to-date language and expressions in all examples and exercises. Students get the benefit of inputs in French throughout the course.


Help Students Learn On Their Own

Every lesson is organized to encourage inductive learning by each individual student. Students may work by themselves and at their own pace. Each lesson contains Situations actives, activities designed to elicit creative use of the language, both spoken and written.

An Intermediate to Advanced French Solution

  • Engaging Content for Students
  • Digital Teacher Tools

Engaging Content for Students

  • Highly Functional eText
    The complete content from the print Student Edition is available as an eText with search, note-taking, and highlighting functionality.
  • Robust Assignments
    Assignable Exercises and Examens can be auto-graded to provide students and teachers with real-time feedback.
  • Situations actives
    Teachers assign and grade the Situations actives that include essay responses and Speak and Record activities.

Digital Teacher Tools

  • Classroom Management
    Teachers are able to create classes, enroll students, hand out assignments, assess progress and understanding, add content, communicate with the whole class or individuals, and more!

Award-winning Online Platform for your Advanced French Curriculum

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