enVision® Mathematics Common Core for Grades K-5 Earns Highest Rating from EdReports


HOBOKEN, N.J., January 7, 2020 — Pearson K12 Learning is proud to announce that enVision Mathematics Common Core © 2020 for grades K-5 has earned the highest possible rating of “all green” from EdReports.org, the independent nonprofit organization that reviews curriculum programs to help identify quality instructional materials for school districts and educators.

Following the conclusion of an extensive review, EdReports determined that enVision Mathematics © 2020 achieved a rating of “all green,” or “meets expectations,” in each of its three “Gateways” — key categories that evaluate “Focus & Coherence,” “Rigor & Mathematical Practices,” and “Usability.” “Meets expectations” is EdReport’s highest category within its ratings scale for alignment to “college- and career-ready standards” and program usability.

“We appreciate EdReports for recognizing the high quality of enVision Mathematics,” said Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Pearson K12 Learning. “As a learning solutions company, we understand the challenges teachers face. They are constantly searching for resources and tools that will make math real for students at all levels. This is why we provide a cutting-edge program with innovative teaching methods to engage students and help teachers meet the needs of all learners.”

enVision Mathematics is a comprehensive K-5 math curriculum that offers the flexibility of print, digital, and blended instruction. enVision Mathematics provides the focus, coherence, and rigor of the Common Core State Standards. Problem-based learning, visual learning strategies, and extensive customization options empower every teacher and student. The enVision series has supported more classrooms in the U.S. and around the world than any other math program available today.

The enVision Mathematics program offers research-based innovations to personalize learning, such as:

  • 3-Act Math Modeling — Multimedia lessons that present engaging, real-world situations where students use mathematical models to propose solutions to realistic problems.
  • Math XL — Dropdown windows that offer personalized learning by allowing students to select options that work best for them, such as additional examples, videos, and individual questions that provide instant feedback to help correct errors and misconceptions.
  • Adaptive Learning — Digital-practice assignments that are created for each student’s learning needs based on that student’s real-time performance.
  • Pick a Project — High-interest activities, such as creating a rap song or writing a play, that promote student choice and invite every child to be active participants in learning.
  • enVision Mathematics delivers next-generation learning solutions by leveraging technology and print content in an effective scope and sequence to ensure that all students can succeed at math.

    “We have created the only K-5 program that combines problem-based learning and visual learning to help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics,” said Heidi Bruhn, Vice President of Mathematics for Pearson K12 Learning. “Our goal is to make learning fun, relevant, and flexible so that all students can learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. enVision achieves that by making mathematics meaningful to them.”


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