interactive MUSIC Grade K Sample Activities

Students will experience interactive activities and respond to music in a variety of ways with the content in the Grade K music course library. Fully editable teaching suggestions allow teachers to customize lessons with interactive materials that develop basic performance skills, understanding and knowledge of music elements, and interactive experiences with icons and images.


Song Notation (Interactive Practice): Do Your Ears Hang Low?

This interactive tool includes a keyboard accompaniment for singing. An easy-to-use control panel provides additional tools for teachers including the option to change the key and/or tempo.


Song Notation (Interactive Performance): Do Your Ears Hang Low?

This interactive digital tool tracks the melody and lyrics for beginning music readers. Teachers have options to change the key, tempo, and voicing to customize instruction to meet student needs.


Instructional Activity (Interactive): Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Use this engaging Drag-and-Drop interactive activity to involve and motivate beginning music readers. Children arrange age-appropriate icons to create rhythm patterns to read, move to, or play.


Instructional Activity (Projectable): Do Your Ears Hang Low? (Dialog Song)

Share this colorful barnyard scene with your class. Children describe what they see and identify the animals in the picture. Encourage students to use their singing voices to create a musical dialog.


Movement Activity (Printable): Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Follow the suggestions on this movement activity to have your class create movements to perform with this song. Allow children to explore different ways to move that match the lyrics of the song.


Song Keyboard Accompaniment (Interactive): Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Easy-to-play accompaniments support student singing with chords that can be performed on other instruments. Use the Controls to change the key and click "Print" for a copy of the new version.