interactive MUSIC Grade 2 Sample Activities

The Grade 2 music course library includes interactive experiences, animated instruction, videos, and a variety of projectable assets to engage today's students and support different music specializations and pedagogies. Interactive Practice and Performance activities with special tracking controls will support beginning music readers. All activities include fully-editable teacher notes for easy customization of lessons.


Song Notation (Interactive Practice): Precipitation Day

This interactive tool includes a keyboard accompaniment for singing. An easy-to-use control panel provides additional tools for teachers including the option to change the key and/or tempo.


Song Notation (Interactive Performance): Precipitation Day

This interactive digital tool tracks the melody for beginning music readers. Teachers have options to change the key, tempo, and voicing to customize instruction to meet student needs. Easily print the song notation in the original or a new key with the click of a button using landscape mode.


Instructional Activity (Interactive): Precipitation Day

Use this engaging Drag and Drop interactive activity to involve and motivate children. With this activity, children can create, read, and perform a variety of ostinato patterns to accompany the song.


Instructional Activity (Projectable): Precipitation Day

Allow children to explore ways to create drum sounds that represent different kinds of weather. Use the projectable illustrations to have them create a sequence of sounds by following the icons.


Instructional Activity (Projectable) Teacher Notes: Precipitation Day

Teacher Notes are fully editable documents with suggestions to support instruction. These lesson ideas engage children in a variety of activities as they create and perform sound compositions.


Enrichment Activity (Projectable): Precipitation Day

Use this presentation slide for the poem "Weather" to enrich your curriculum. Have children work in groups to organize a performance combining body movements and expressive speech.