interactive MUSIC Grade 4 Sample Activities

Digital resources in the Grade 4 music course library motivate students to apply their knowledge, performance skills, and understanding of the structure of music as they build, reinforce, and extend their musicianship. With a variety of interactive experiences to choose from including interactive notation, animated instruction, projectable slides, and more, teachers can build lessons that include large group, small group, and individual activities.


Song Notation (Interactive Performance): Sweet Betsy from Pike

This interactive digital tool tracks the melody and lyrics, allowing students to develop independence as music readers. Teachers can change the key, tempo, and voicing to customize instruction.


Song Notation (Projectable): Sweet Betsy from Pike

Use the projectable score to assist students in learning the song by direct observation. On-the-screen text and appropriate visuals increase interest and enhance the total musical experience.


Song Vocal Track: Sweet Betsy from Pike

This mp3 file with both voices and instrumental accompaniment supports students as they learn the song. A separate downloadable file with accompaniment only will be available for the complete program.


Song Teacher Notes: Sweet Betsy from Pike

Teacher Notes include information about tools available to enhance classroom experiences. These lesson ideas engage students in a variety of activities as they experience same and different sections.


Enrichment Activity (Interactive): Sweet Betsy from Pike

Introduce students to the route described in the song lyrics by using this engaging interactive activity. The map will promote awareness of both the historical events and the sequence of the story.


Play-Along (Recorder) Notation (Interactive Performance): Sweet Betsy from Pike

This interactive digital tool increases student focus on notation with tracking and audio. Tempo, key, and voicing can be adjusted with onscreen controls to match the performance level of classes. Easily print the recorder countermelody with the click of a button using landscape mode.


Play-Along (Recorder) Fingering Chart: Sweet Betsy from Pike

Display the activity and click on each pitch to see the fingering and hear its tone. Have students identify pitches and review fingerings for each note before learning the recorder countermelody.


Movement Activity Instructions (Printable): Sweet Betsy from Pike

Sanna Longden provides step-by-step directions for traditional figures in this dance. In addition to learning a play-party game, students experience triple meter and tempo changes through movement.