interactive MUSIC Grade 5 Sample Activities

The Grade 5 music course includes options to customize interactive general music lessons. Included are activities that stimulate independent and small group investigation of appealing and relevant topics, emphasis on a range of interactive resources for a variety of creative responses, and organized performance opportunities with choral and expanded instrumental choices. The Interactive Practice and Performance notation will support score reading for these more advanced students.


Song Notation (Interactive Practice): Wabash Cannon Ball

This interactive tool includes a keyboard accompaniment for singing. An easy-to-use control panel provides additional tools for teachers including the option to change the key and/or tempo.


Song Notation (Interactive Performance): Wabash Cannon Ball

This interactive digital tool tracks the melody and lyrics for students to develop independence as music readers. Teachers have options to change the key, tempo, and voicing to customize instruction.


Instructional Activity (Interactive): Wabash Cannon Ball

Have students click on any of the wheels to match rhythmic values in this hotspot activity. Each wheel provides students with feedback and explanations for either correct or incorrect answers.


Play-Along (Recorder) Fingering Chart: Wabash Cannon Ball

Display the activity and click on each pitch to see the fingering and hear its tone. Have students identify pitches and review fingerings for each note before learning the recorder countermelody.


Orff Arrangement Notation (Interactive Practice): Wabash Cannon Ball

Review Orff arrangements with this interactive tool and use the Digital Mixer to hear a single line or any combination of parts as you plan your lesson sequence to meet student needs.