interactive MUSIC Grade 7 Sample Activities

The Grade 7 music course provides options for teachers with a wide range of interactive resources including interactive notation for vocal and instrumental ensemble performances, presentation slides, play-along activities to extend skills with melodic and chordal instruments, and an expanded study of the structure of music. Teachers can access fully editable notes for presentation suggestions.


Song Notation (Animated): Hot Chocolate

Animated song notation supports student learning. Stream the animation to help students learn this two-part song. Click the icon in the on-screen control bar to view the video full-screen mode.


Song Notation (Projectable): Hot Chocolate

The projectable score provides on-screen instruction to assist students in learning to sing the song. Motivating visuals increase interest and enhance the total musical experience.


Song Teacher Notes: Hot Chocolate

Teacher Notes are fully editable documents with suggestions to support instruction. Included are suggestions for activities to develop student understanding of rhythmic and melodic motifs.


Instructional Activity (Interactive): Hot Chocolate

This drag-and-drop activity includes two-beat rhythm patterns for students to use in creating a percussion ensemble. Using percussion instruments, students perform and evaluate their compositions.


Play-Along (Percussion) Notation (Projectable): Hot Chocolate

This 5-part projectable score allows students to read and play a percussion ensemble to accompany the song "Hot Chocolate!" An optional printable score is available for student use.


Movement Activity Video: Hot Chocolate

This video provides step-by-step choreography to engage students. Presenters include Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck. Click the icon in the on-screen control bar to view the video full-screen mode.