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High School Biology Curriculum

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Ken Miller and Joe Levine are active scientists and passionate storytellers. They love what they’re doing, and it shows in their writing style, teacher talks, and educational field trips. They regularly speak at national, regional, and state meetings of biology teachers. The Miller and Levine biology program has been the preeminent high school curriculum for more than 25 years. Welcome to the all-new edition, copyright 2019.


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Ken Miller

Kenneth R. Miller grew up in Rahway, New Jersey, attended the local public schools, and graduated from Rahway High School in 1966. Miller attended Brown University on a scholarship and graduated with honors. He was awarded a National Defense Education Act fellowship for graduate study, and earned his Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Colorado. Miller is professor of Biology at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he teaches courses in general biology and cell biology. Miller‘s research specialty is the structure of biological membranes. He has published more than 70 research papers in journals such as "Cell", "Nature", and "Scientific American". He has also written the popular trade books Finding Darwin‘s God and Only a Theory. His honors include the Public Service Award from the American Society for Cell Biology, the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Biology Teachers, the AAAS Award for Public Engagement with Science, the Stephen Jay Gould Prize from the Society for the Study of Evolution, and the Laetare Medal from Notre Dame University.

Miller lives with his wife, Jody, on a small farm in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. He is the father of two daughters, one a wildlife biologist and the other a high-school history teacher. He swims competitively in the masters‘ swimming program and umpires high school and NCAA softball.

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Joe Levine

Joe Levine earned a B.S. from Tufts University, a Masters from the Boston University Marine Program, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University. His research has been published in scientific journals ranging from Science to Scientific American, and his popular writing has appeared in trade books and in magazines such as Smithsonian and Natural History. He has taught introductory biology, ecology, marine biology, neurobiology, and coral reef biology, and currently teaches Inquiry in Rain Forests, a field-based graduate- level PD course for science teachers, through the Organization for Tropical Studies. Following a Macy Fellowship in Science Broadcast Journalism at WGBH-TV, Levine produced science features for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition, served as advisor to NOVA, and helped launch Discovery Channel’s Discover Magazine. He has served as Science Editor for OMNI-MAX films and for PBS series including Evolution, and as judge for Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. He has designed exhibit programs for state aquarium projects in Texas, New Jersey, and Florida. Joe has led PD workshops across the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In 2016, he served as Outstanding Educator in Residence for Singapore’s Ministry of Education.