Miller & Levine Biology Partnerships

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Visit a reef or ecosystem. Step inside a medical laboratory or explore life at a molecular level. Biology students need to go where real scientists go. Miller & Levine Biology lets students experience natural phenomena and innovative STEM environments. Take biology beyond the classroom!

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Integrate HHMI BioInteractive with Miller & Levine Biology to add film and interactive resources to your lessons.

HHMI Biointeractive

Add brilliant, movie-quality films and interactives to your biology lessons! Savvas partners with HHMI BioInteractive to integrate the free, award-winning resources you know and love from into the Miller & Levine Biology program. Find videos, animations, tutorials, and activities at point-of-use. Short films and full-length lectures by award-winning authors and scientists include guides, quizzes, activities, and lesson plans. HHMI Biointeractive Resources included with Miller & Levine Biology include:

  • Engaging Animations
  • Scientists at Work Career Videos
  • Spreadsheet Data Analysis Tutorials
  • Lectures on Science
  • Short Films
  • Hands-on Activities

HHMI Biointeractive is a world leader in biomedical research and science education. Let students experience natural phenomena and the scientific process in ways never before possible.