Ideas & Resources for Your Latin Classroom

Welcome, Latin educators! Here’s where you’ll find inspiring ideas and useful resources for your Latin classroom. Looking for research-based strategies or practices? Check out our professional articles and webinars. Contests to engage your students and more! look Grātiās!


Veni, Vidi, Vici! Free Latin Professional Development Series!

Each student is unique with a wide variety of needs you need to meet in order to increase language proficiency and deepen cultural understanding. Come, see, learn and conquer the multiple needs of your diverse Latin learner population with our innovative, free PD series, all focused on differentiation!

Watch any of the sessions from the Veni, Vidi, Vici! Webinar series—right here, anytime! Webinars will be posted as each session is complete.


Carpe Diem Professional Development Series

Access all the resources from our Carpe Diem Professional Development Series!


Non-Savvas websites that are useful resources for Latin Language teachers.

World-readiness Standards for Learning Languages 

Understanding Proficiency 

ACTFL Proficiency Scale

Seal of Biliteracy

National Association of Bilingual Education

Language Proficiency Definitions from U.S Department of State