Miller & Levine Biology: Problem-Based Learning

High School Biology Curriculum

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Start with a problem that’s real, relevant, and engaging. Miller & Levine Biology immerses students in active, problem-based learning. Every unit introduces students to an exciting new problem that will engage them in analytical thinking, collaboration, and self-directed learning throughout several chapters and incorporates all of the three dimensions. Build students’ problem-solving skills to help them see life in a whole new way.

  • Unit 1: How can you make freshwater from saltwater?
  • Unit 2: How can you reduce the impact of invasive species on your local ecosystem?
  • Unit 3: How can we maximize the production of useful biomass by micro-algae in bio-factories?
  • Unit 4: For what purposes should humans genetically modify animals?
  • Unit 5: What can a fossil from your region tell you about life long ago?
  • Unit 6: How can you develop a species recovery plan?

Encourage Self-Directed Learning

Students choose the subject they care about for their project and design their own solutions with the problem-based learning path.

Digital Explorer's Journal

The ultimate companion for problem-based learning! Students use this online digital journal to take notes, brainstorm ideas, gather and analyze data, and track progress.

Real-World Focus

Students complete their science research and deepen understanding of the chapter concepts, Relevant investigations build skills for real-life problem solving.

Develop Transferable Skills

Enable students to define problems, expand research techniques, analyze and interpret data, collaborate with peers, and construct explanations&emdash;all essential skills for 21st century careers.

Engage Multiple Intelligences

Students will acquire essential knowledge for solving the problem through Quick Labs, Virtual Activities, Authentic Readings, and STEM projects.

Facilitate Learning

How do you pull it all together? The instructional materials provide the ideal teaching framework. Be a coach and guide in a problem-based classroom.

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Miller & Levine Biology high school biology curriculum problem solving walkthrough.