Savvas Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases:
K-5 Supplemental Literacy Program Resources

Cuaderno de estudio de palabras

Each developmental level of the program features a consumable Word Study Notebook. The Word Study Notebook contains a four-page lesson for each sort, including picture and/or word cards for students to cut out, and a grid onto which students sort and glue the cards. Each lesson also contains a written activity that gives students practice in the element that corresponds to the lesson’s sort.


Gran Libro De Rimas

The Big Book contains a poem for each sort in the Etapas emergente y alfabética temprana, Etapa alfabética, and Patrones developmental stages. Words in the poems reflect the word features covered in the corresponding sort. High-interest, engaging illustrations accompany each poem and can be used to foster discussion. Directions are provided on how to use these materials during guided and supported reading.



An all-in-one program user’s manual! Get fresh ideas, background, and informative details about Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases. The guide helps teachers implement and manage the program to maximize effectiveness.


Guía del maestro

Comprehensive instruction and content support help teachers create an effective word study program. There is an overview of each developmental level, including assessments. Each instructional lesson provides specific information for teaching the sort.


Classroom Library

Each sort in Etapas emergente y alfabética temprana, Etapa alfabética, and Patrones is aligned to a corresponding little book from the Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases. Stories are age-appropriate and appealing. Encourage students to read and reread these books, as repeated readings allow them to add to and maintain their knowledge of sight words.


Digital Resources on Realize

The Interactive Teacher Resources enable interactive learning about the feature of each sort:

  • Rhymes from the Gran Libro De Rimas can be displayed for teaching concepts of print and words. The rhymes include words that exemplify the sort focus.
  • Interactive sorts can be used to demonstrate the sort feature and to practice the sort.
  • The writing sort allows students to practice letter and word features through writing.