Project Imagine United States History Resources

US History Activities with Rich Primary Sources

Project Imagine immersive experiences are digital activities built around primary sources. Students will interact with history in a whole new way through a variety of immersive activities, including role plays, 3-D virtual reality, decision trees, opinion polls, and interactive maps.


Role Play Immersive: Experience Multiple Perspectives

See history through different lenses. In the role play activity, students take on a role from the past and experience people’s lives, routines and decisions -- and learn how historic events shape and change ordinary lives. Along the way, students will examine and interact with primary sources within the context of the role.

Project Imagine U.S. History Role Play

Project Imagine United States history Role Play sample lesson.
Project Imagine United States history Interactive Map sample lesson.

Interactive Map Immersive: Uncover Layers of History

Use the interactive map activity to see change over time. Students will gain a better understanding of the geographic context of major events in world history, and analyze firsthand primary sources.


360º Virtual Reality Immersive: Explore a Historic Place

Students will visit historic sites through 360º explorations. As students explore the site, new hotspots will appear that provide access to primary sources about the historic site.

Project Imagine U.S. History 360º Virtual Reality

Project Imagine United States history Explore a Historic Place sample lesson.
Project Imagine United States history Choose Your Path sample lesson.

Decision-Tree Immersive: Choose Your Path

Students become active participants in history with the decision tree activity. They will analyze the key choices people have made throughout history—and make their own decisions.

Choose Your Path with Project Imagine U.S. History Program 


Opinion Poll Immersive: Analyze Evidence to Support Your Opinion

Throughout history, people have made difficult decisions based on the evidence at hand. In the opinion poll immersive, students will analyze a collection of primary sources and data to form an opinion, then defend it based on sources.

Project Imagine United States history Join the Debate sample lesson.