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Project Imagine: United States History has been recognized by some of the country’s most innovative educators and organizations. In just its first year, Project Imagine has received a number of impressive accolades for making a true impact on teaching and learning.




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Project Imagine Rave Reviews


“When I am taking a test I remember better due to the pictures, the reading and the questions. Having these questions to answer and do all this interactive stuff helps jog my memory. I understand the question by what happened or why the government made a decision on things and the emotions during these times.”
Michaela, 9th Grader

“I understand now what my grandfather went through in Vietnam. I know he was a Green Beret and was a tough man. Now I understand things a lot better. I really like using this program because of the interactivity, videos, pictures and the reading.”
Dion, 9th Grader

“This is much better than a workbook and more interactive. I enjoy reading and taking my own notes. I enjoyed highlighting. These are good pictures and videos. I enjoyed this a lot better than a textbook.”
James, 9th Grader

“I cannot say enough good things about Project Imagine. My students’ scores on district finals saw close to 90% mastery on the units that were covered by this project. Self-paced, engaging, and challenging are only a few ways one can describe it.”
John, Teacher Pasco, FL


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