Why Choose D’Nealian Handwriting

D’Nealian makes it easy to incorporate handwriting instruction into your everyday routine.

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D'Nealian Handwriting supports early literacy development and improves fine motor skills.

The D’Nealian Advantage

  • Support early literacy and fine motor skills development through a continuous stroke, with a focus on proper letter slant, size, and spacing.
  • Ease the transition from manuscript to cursive since most lowercase letters are the same in cursive.
  • Cut down on common reversals such as b and d or p and g, because there are few pencil lifts.

Handwriting Practice for
Every Learning Modality

D’Nealian provides rich practice options for every student, including:

  • Additional printable Student Practice pages
  • Kinesthetic and tactile learning in Grades K-2 with Alpha Touch Letters, Tracing Letter and Number Cards, and a classroom set of Wipe-On/Off Rewrite Cards
  • Audio-visual modeling of proper handwriting strokes through Stroke Modeling Animations
D'Nealian Handwriting curriculum writing practice for every learning modality.
The D'Nealian Handwriting curriculum continuous stroke method supports unique learning needs.

Support Unique Learning Needs

The D’Nealian continuous stroke method supports students with unique learning needs such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or fine motor delays.

  • Better learn and retain common spelling patterns
  • Easier to refine and correct writing
  • Makes manuscript and cursive easier to learn

Watch an overview video at www.savvas.com/dnealian-handwriting.