Table of Contents

Hour 1. What Makes Roblox Special?

Hour 2. Using Studio

Hour 3. Building with Parts

Hour 4. Building with Physics

Hour 5. Building Terrain

Hour 6. Lighting Environment

Hour 7. Atmosphere Environment

Hour 8. Effects Environment

Hour 9. Importing Assets

Hour 10. Game Structure and Collaboration

Hour 11. Lua Overview

Hour 12. Collisions, Humanoids, Score

Hour 13. Interacting with GUIs

Hour 14. Coding Animation

Hour 15. Sounds and Music

Hour 16. Using the Animation Editor

Hour 17. Combat, Teleporting, Data Stores

Hour 18. Multiplayer Code and the Client-Server Model

Hour 19. Module Scripts

Hour 20. Coding Camera Movements

Hour 21. Cross-Platform Building

Hour 22. Global Community Building

Hour 23. Monetization

Hour 24. Attracting Players

Appendix A: Lua Scripting References

Appendix B: Properties and Functions of Humanoid