Civics Interactive Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Civics Curriculum

What is Civics Interactive and what are the components?

Civics Interactive is a brand new digital program designed to actively promote civic engagement for young adults in Grades 6-12. The curriculum develops important civic competencies and life skills needed to become informed and responsible citizens.

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What are the key features in Civics Interactive?

  • Daily Current Events news stories to make learning relevant
  • Mini Lessons that allow teachers to teach their way with modular digital content that provides short, flexible, and interchangeable lessons
  • Topic Slide Decks to kick off concepts and walk through lesson activities
  • Topic Kickoff Videos to engage students in personal stories of people and events
  • Inquiry Center projects that foster collaboration and communication skills
  • Extension Activities at point of use—composed of open educational resources, like iCivics, Crash Course, Bill of Rights Institute, and more

What are the topic skills taught in Civics Interactive?

  • Topic 1: Get Involved in Your Community
  • Topic 2: Become an Active Citizen
  • Topic 3: Solve Problems
  • Topic 4: Listen to Many Voices
  • Topic 5: Join in Civil Conversations
  • Topic 6: Defend All Rights
  • Topic 7: Collaborate With Others
  • Topic 8: Vote Responsibly
  • Topic 9: Find Accurate Information
  • Topic 10: Make Decisions
  • Topic 11: Apply Math Skills to Social Studies
  • Topic 12: Express Ideas Effectively

How do I sign up for a Civics Interactive digital demo?

Civics Interactive digital courseware on Savvas Realize™ includes robust digital tools that give teachers flexibility to use a digital format in their classrooms. Teachers can customize the program to rearrange content, upload their own content, add links to online media, and edit resources and assessments. Program-specific resources, flexible agnostic resources, and assessments are available in one location for easy lesson planning and presentation. Click here to sign up for a 30-day online demo.