Prentice Hall Mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Ease of Use

Prentice Hall Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 makes it easy to teach by providing the teacher with a wealth of resources to meet the needs of a diverse classroom. From extra practice, to performance tasks, to activities, games, and puzzles, Savvas is your one-stop shop for all teaching resources. Teaching resources are available in print, online, and on a DVD. Our digital resources open in a Word document and are completely editable.


Our Online Lesson Planner is powerful tool and a time saver for all teachers! Just drag and drop the lesson into the calendar and each lesson plan is already created.

All the lesson content is completely editable. The teaching resources are also linked to the plan, and teachers have the option to include their own.

Easy access to all textbook answers and solutions.

  • Choose formats for printing or for whiteboard display.
  • Personalize and save answer files for the students in all of your classes.
  • Use at home or at school—transfer files


The most powerful test generator available—with the most comprehensive test banks correlated to state standards.

  • QuickTest Wizard to build assessments in seconds.
  • All test items can be translated into Spanish.
  • Provides support for modifying tests quickly and easily.
  • Import images into your assessments using the Math Art Gallery.
  • New Banks allow you to edit and modify existing practice worksheets and chapter tests chapter assessments.

online assessment system provides instant analysis of student performance. Success Tracker™ includes built-in chapter level assessments.

Success Tracker™ diagnoses student success, prescribes automatic remediation, and reports on student and class progress. The remediation provided is in multiple formats: video, tutorial, activity, worksheet, games, and audio.