On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals, 6th Edition © 2019

The market-leading culinary textbook for over a decade, On Cooking, published by Pearson, brings clarity to the principles and practices of culinary fundamentals. The combination of written and visual instruction helps prepare students for successful careers in the culinary arts.

  • Over 800 proven and tested recipes and variations
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Product identification
  • Powerful Pearson MyLab® Culinary online course

Culinary Arts CTE Program with Digital Resources

Show aspiring chefs how to work with different ingredients, plate them, and succeed in the professional kitchen.


Step-by-Step Recipes and Variations

Over time we have developed recipes from basic to advanced that work well when followed as-is. If students want to stretch their creativity as well, some recipes suggest changes they can make to a particular dish.


Ideal for Visual Learners

On Cooking contains photographs and illustrations that help students with everything from ingredient identification to cooking procedures and kitchen equipment. Reviewing and following best practices becomes easier.


Structured for Learning, Practice, and Retention

Chapters clearly state their objectives at the beginning so students know what to expect. Recipe preparation reinforces the concepts discussed in class, and the end summary and questions help to cohere what they learned.


Dynamic Online Teaching and Learning

Instructors can manage their courses and see where students need extra support on the Pearson MyLab® Culinary platform. A wealth of chapter features helps students learn, practice, and retain concepts.

On Cooking Culinary Fundamentals Teaching Solutions

  • Sidebars
  • Trade Terms
  • Safety Alerts
  • Flavor Sidebars
  • Product Identification


  • Historical Factoids
    Present information on food history for different recipes.
  • Broader Contexts
    Illustrate the culinary arts in terms of their wider social and historical context.
  • Sustainability
    New discussions of sustainability and environmental concerns encourages students to consider the impact of their choices in the kitchen.
  • At-a-Glance Feature
    New At-a-glance cooking where cooking techniques are taught, highlight core principles, equipment, ingredients, and steps.
  • Function of Ingredients
    New Function of Ingredients reinforce the science of cooking and baking and explain the effects of a particular ingredient in baking.

Mise en Place Feature

  • Recipes
    Appears with in-chapter recipes.
  • Prep Work
    Provides a list of actions that must be taken before beginning work on a recipe.

Safety Alerts

  • Look for the Stop Sign
    Callouts that appear throughout the text marked with a red stop sign.
  • Safety Concerns
    Reminders of safety concerns that encourage proper food safety and sanitation practices.

Flavor Sidebars

  • Sprinkled in the Book
    Specialized variety of sidebar that appears intermittently throughout the text.
  • Effects
    Describes how using different flavoring agents changes the character of a dish.

Product Identification

  • Identify by Sight
    Hundreds of original color photographs help students recognize and identify ingredients.
  • Plating and Procedure
    250 new photographs cover identification, plated dish, and procedural sequences.
  • Multiple Illustrations
    Detailed line drawings illustrate tools and equipment without brand identification.

Access and Interact with On Cooking Content

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Pearson MyLab® Overview

Tour the engaging features of the Pearson MyLab® learning platform.

Online Platform for your On Cooking Culinary Curriculum

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Pearson MyLab® Culinary enhances the learning experience with additional videos, access to the eText, as well as recipe scaling and costing features.

Additional On Cooking Resources

  • Downloadable Teacher Resources
  • Instructor’s Resource Manual
  • TestGen® Test Bank
  • Visual Aid PowerPoint® Presentations

Downloadable Teacher Resources

Access the complete collection of Teacher Resources provided for On Cooking.

Download Teacher Resources

Instructor’s Resource Manual

Download the complete teacher’s guide to On Cooking including discussion questions, additional resources, and learning activities.


TestGen® Test Bank

Teachers can quickly select questions and create tests that align with the textbook. With customization available, creating multiple versions for academic integrity is an easy process.


Visual Aid PowerPoint® Presentations

Pre-made presentations correlate to the On Cooking content so teachers can easily use them during an in-person lecture or an online class.


Frequently Asked Questions About On Cooking

  • What topics are included in the Table of Contents?

    1. Professionalism
    2. Food Safety and Sanitation
    3. Nutrition
    4. Menus and Recipes

    5. Tools and Equipment
    6. Knife Skills
    7. Flavors and Flavorings
    8. Dairy Products
    9. Mise en Place

    10. Principles of Cooking
    11. Stocks and Sauces
    12. Soups
    13. Principles of Meat Cookery
    14. Beef
    15. Veal
    16. Lamb
    17. Pork
    18. Poultry
    19. Game
    20. Fish and Shellfish
    21. Eggs and Breakfast
    22. Vegetables
    23. Potatoes, Grains and Pasta
    24. Healthy Cooking and Special Diets

    25. Salads and Salad Dressings
    26. Fruits
    27. Sandwiches
    28. Charcuterie
    29. Hors d’Oeuvre and Canapés

    PART 5: BAKING 30. Principles of the Bakeshop
    31. Quick Breads
    32. Yeast Breads
    33. Pies, Pastries and Cookies
    34. Cakes and Frostings
    35. Custards, Creams, Frozen Desserts and Sauces

    36. Plate Presentation
    37. Buffet Presentation

    Appendix I. Measurement and Conversion Charts

    Appendix II. Fresh Locally-grown Produce Availability Chart

  • What grade levels is this text appropriate for?

    Grades 9-12.

  • What types of courses is this text best suited for?
    This program is designed for Culinary Fundamentals courses.
  • What Student Resources are available?
    Available student resources include the Student Edition and Pearson MyLab® Culinary Student Access.
  • What Teacher Resources are available?
    Available Teacher Resources include: Downloadable Teacher’s Resource Manual, Pearson MyLab® Culinary Teacher Access, TestGen® Test Bank, and Visual Aid PowerPoint® presentations.
  • What are the digital license options?
    Student digital access to Pearson MyLab® Culinary can be purchased for 1 year licenses.

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