Table of Contents

Learning Microsoft Office  2019 Level 2 TOCs
Table of Contents

Microsoft Word
Chapter 5   Using Advanced Formatting, Lists, and Charts
Chapter 6  Using Reusable Content and Markup Tools
Chapter 7  Using Advanced Tables and Graphics
Chapter 8  Working with Long Documents
Chapter 9  Embedding and Linking Objects, Using Mail Merge, and Creating Macros
Microsoft Excel
Chapter 6  Managing Large Workbooks
Chapter 7  Creating Char ts, Shapes, and Templates
Chapter 8  Creating Macros and Using Data Analysis Tools
Chapter 9    Analyzing Data
Chapter 10  Preparing Workbooks for Collaboration
Microsoft Access
Chapter 4  Customizing Tables and Databases
Chapter 5  Developing Advanced Queries
Chapter 6  Customizing Forms and Reports
Chapter 7  Securing, Integrating, and Maintaining Data
Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter 5  Working with Masters, Handouts, and Text
Chapter 6  Working with Graphic Objects and Media
Chapter 7  Finalizing and Sharing a Presentation