Features and Benefits

Integrated CME Project Math Program Features

The CME Project is the only brand new NSF-funded High-School program and the only one built around the familiar structure of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus.

Familiar Course Sequence, Balanced Instructional Approach

No longer are you limited to traditional texts driven by uninspiring delivery of basic skills or progressive programs with unfamiliar, complex organizations. The CME Project provides teachers with a third, and totally innovative alternative providing complete support for you with comprehensive teaching resources and engaging technology and allowing you to integrate the latest Texas Instruments technology into your mathematics classroom.

Developed over decades of classroom experience and informed by research, the CME Project is organized around mathematical themes that are familiar to teachers and parents while providing an engaging and rigorous curriculum to capture students' interest and help them achieve the thrill of mathematical success.

Core to the program's methodology:

  • Developing Habits of the Mind, or ways students approach and solve mathematical challenges.
  • Deepening mathematical understanding by moving students from applying concepts to adapting them in logical, organized ways.
  • Advancing basic skills to evolve from concrete problems to abstractions and general theories.
  • Meeting the dual goals of mathematical rigor and accessibility for a broad range of students.