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myView Literacy™ has been recognized by some of the country’s most innovative educators and organizations. Since its release in 2020, myView Literacy has been making a true impact on teaching and learning in the K-5 ELA classroom.


myView Literacy ELA curriculum for grades K-5 achieved the highest rating of “all green” from

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"I love reading the stories with my classmates and then doing another close read to underline or highlight details about the story."

– Student


“I really like how everything is right inside their student workbook and how each student has a copy of the whole group story. The decodable texts are very effective at improving my students’ fluency. The myView program is very user-friendly, which makes planning easy. It is so nice how everything is connected to the theme of the whole class story.”

– Teacher, Grade 1


"I loved when we read two texts over one week. We did repeated readings and we had to figure out how the stories were connected. It helped me stay focused because I knew I was looking for patterns and connections.“

– Student


"I really enjoy the amount of nonfiction texts to expose my students to things they might not normally interact with. The infograph at the beginning of each lesson really hooks students and prepares them for the week. I find myself referring back to it often."

– Teacher, Grade 4


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