Features and Benefits

 Envision a math program that meets the varied needs of students and teachers without undermining the strength of its curriculum.  enVisionMATH addresses the wide range of educational issues that teachers face and provides curriculum to meet these needs that is truly successful.

Conceptual Understanding
Envision a math program where pictures do the talking. enVisionMATH is the first math program that develops math concepts through interactive and visual learning.

Problem Solving
Envision a math program where problem solving is no problem. enVisionMATH’s Bar Diagrams help students see the math.

Understanding by Design
Envision a math program that is planned and designed for understanding. Dr. Grant Wiggins’ concept of Understanding by Design ensures that you deliberately target your students’ understanding.

Meeting Individual Needs
Envision a math program where every child counts. Data-driven differentiated instruction takes the guess work out of helping students achieve.

Program Organization
Envision a math program where instruction is organized the way you teach…The only math program that provides everything you need in one place with 20 focused Topic Teacher Editions color-coded by math strand.

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Using daily problem-based interactive learning followed by visual learning strategies that accelerate learning by making strong, sequential visual/verbal connections through the visual learning bridge in every lesson, as well as daily differentiation and ongoing diagnosis & intervention, enVisionMATH gives every student the opportunity to succeed. Learn More.