Brand-New Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading Program Earns Highest Rating from EdReports

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY — March 23, 2023 — Savvas Learning Company, a K-12 next-generation learning solutions leader, is proud to announce that its Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading © 2023 supplemental literacy program has received the highest rating of “All-Green” from EdReports. The brand-new program delivers research-based, easy-to-use content and teaching tools that support and extend core literacy instruction, giving educators what they need to help students develop reading proficiency.

“Savvas understands the importance of developing strong readers at an early age, and teaching children to read by focusing on foundational elements can help accelerate their mastery of key reading skills,” said Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Savvas Learning Company. “What makes Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading so impactful is that it provides teachers with high-quality, standards-aligned resources to confidently deliver explicit foundational-skills instruction while engaging and supporting young students in learning to read. We appreciate EdReports for recognizing Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading as the exceptional supplemental literacy solution that it is.”

EdReports gave Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading an “All-Green” rating, or “meets expectations” — the highest tier within its ratings scale for standards alignment and usability. The highly regarded, independent nonprofit seeks to improve education by providing reviews of K-12 instructional materials and applying evidence-based analysis in evaluating programs. Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading earned EdReports’ highest rating for each of its “gateway” review criteria: “Alignment to Standards and Research-Based Practices for Foundational Skills Instruction” and “Implementation, Support Materials & Assessment.”

Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading is a blended print and digital K-2 program aligned to the Science of Reading, the large body of evidence-based research on how children learn to read. It targets key foundational skills such as concepts of print; phonological awareness; phonics and the teaching of high frequency words; and fluency. The program provides educators the flexible instructional support needed to help students build strong literacy skills, which is particularly beneficial as more states enact legislation for reading proficiency standards by the end of third grade.

With its three-step instructional routine, Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading provides explicit instruction, systematic modeling, and ample multisensory practice for all foundational reading skills. Teachers have the flexibility to teach all strands sequentially, as a complete foundational reading program, or select from specific strands as needed to support and enhance core literacy instruction. Delivered on the award-winning Savvas Realize learning management system, the program can be easily implemented in a blended or fully digital format, giving teachers resources to support student learning in the classroom and at home.

“Helping students develop mastery of foundational reading skills in the lower elementary grades is essential to making future learning possible, especially as they begin third grade. This is a pivotal year when students are transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn,” Forsa said. “Our Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading program for K-2 supports the development of these foundational skills that are so critical to the success of young readers.”

Educators interested in exploring Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading can sign up for a free, 30-day digital trial.


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