Table of Contents

Marine Science Program

Phase I: Understanding the Ocean and it's Processes

  1. Diving Into Ocean Ecosystems
  2. Earth's Ocean Waters
  3. The Ocean Over Time
  4. Migrations in the Sea
  5. Explore the Sea Floor
  6. The Formation of the Ocean
  7. Seasons of Change
  8. The Sea Surface: The Great Heat Distribution
  9. Energy and the Ocean
  10. Weather, Climate, and the Ocean
  11. Voyage to the Deep
  12. Photosynthesis
  13. Biodiversity in the Ocean
  14. Marine Populations
  15. Population Changes
  16. Food Webs in Action
  17. Relationships in the Ocean
  18. Waves and the Ocean
  19. A Time of Tides
  20. Animal Needs and Animal Tracking

Phase II: Research and Analysis—Interpreting Satellite Imagery and Analyzing Animal Movements

  1. Student Expert Research
  2. Student Expert Analysis

Phase III: Understanding Human Impacts on the Ocean

  1. Which Way to the Sea?
  2. Runoff and Phytoplankton
  3. Marine Pollution
  4. Humans and Coastlines
  5. The Ocean's Resources
  6. Changing Climate
  7. Protecing Marine Habitats