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Reading Proficiency for Grades K-8

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SuccessMaker Reading personalized learning, 25 Years in the Making logo.Personalized Reading Instruction for English Learners (ELs), Students with Disabilities, and Striving Readers.

SuccessMaker® Reading does it all. It supports struggling readers, language learners, reading superstars, and every reader in class. SuccessMaker is the K-8 adaptive learning program that supplements your ELA/literacy instruction. While you’re working with small groups or individuals, SuccessMaker can work with your other students to provide guidance, remediation, fluency assessment, and independent practice – dynamically and interactively at their exact level.

Everyone succeeds!

SuccessMaker Reading helps students achieve growth from any starting point. It’s a “strong” evidence-based intervention under ESSA, with high-interest reading, tutorials, scaffolds, hints, videos, and minilessons. Because it’s adaptive, SuccessMaker continually differentiates instruction for all readers. It intervenes when there’s a learning gap, and it challenges independent readers who are ready for more. It’s CASE-certified for special education students.   

SuccessMaker Reading Instructional Model

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of learning opportunities.

SuccessMaker Reading includes 4000 learning objects; 1000 practice lessons; 30,000 assessment items; 50–1250 Lexile® levels.


“I started to like reading more and it’s made me a better reader.”

Student, Grade 5
Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District